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Big Daylight collaborates with companies ranging from iconic brand names, to B2B lead generation sites, to ecommerce industry heavyweights. Although in some cases the directly competitive nature of our work prevents us from revealing the names of these clients, we can still tell you about the results we helped them achieve.

Auberge du Soleil – Award-Winning Luxury in the Heart of Napa Valley


Objective: Help search visibility adapt and improve after a FINE redesign.

Websites sometimes see positions fall after a redesign because of content changes. Acclaimed Napa Valley restaurant, spa, and resort Auberge Du Soleil needed to not only ensure that traffic was not disrupted as a result of the redesign, but increased to even higher levels worthy of their new FINE branded presence online.


More than just search-friendly: search OPTIMIZED.

From URL structure to keyword integration, FINE launched a new hospitality website for Auberge that was holistically optimized on all levels for SEO. We took care to integrate any previous work from the old site and implement 301 redirects on page-by-page basis. Keyword research was also performed and new terms incorporated that had never been on the site before.

The results were striking. Beginning in May 2011, began to experience record organic traffic highs, receiving more organic traffic that month than ever before and 24.74% more than the previous year. Project Highlights Include:

  • - 2011 Gold Adrian Award Winner for Digital Marketing (FINE Website, SEO, Mobile Site)
  • - Several consecutive months with highest-ever organic traffic records, each month beating the last
  • - Huge year-over-year increases in organic traffic (as much as 25%) each month
  • - Notable month-over-month increases in organic traffic (as much as 17%) each month
  • - Increased prominence on non-branded terms as a result of improved focus on long-tail keywords
  • - New hospitality website architecture and linking structure enables a strong foundation for SEO from the ground up.

Anchor Brewing Company – Brewing Pioneers Craft a Social Strategy


Objective: Create a new digital ecosystem for America’s original craft brewery.

Founded in San Francisco in 1896, Anchor Brewing Company is one of America’s original craft breweries. In keeping with its classic roots, Anchor Brewing had focused on ‘traditional’ media for its marketing message. Anchor contacted FINE Design Group about developing a new website for their beer brands and distilled spirits. FINE’s Big Daylight division was enlisted to help expand the strategy into a complete digital ecosystem.


Design and build a website, supported by multiple social profiles, to reflect the history, tradition and quality of the Anchor brand.

After the new website and social profiles were launched, word quickly spread with a brand as established and respected as Anchor. Visitors to the Anchor website are encouraged to connect with Anchor’s Facebook and Twitter profiles via links integrated into the homepage design. Craft beer enthusiasts, beer bloggers, fellow brewers, and fans and customers from throughout the U.S. and abroad welcomed Anchor to the party and shared the news.

  • Web Traffic: Unique visitors were more than double the amount in the same time periods a year ago.
  • - Twitter: The Anchor Brewing Twitter account reached 500 followers in less than 24 hours and continues to grow with an active community of nearly 3,000.
  • - Facebook: The Anchor Brewing Facebook page has experienced similar growth with a community of over 6,000 followers.
  • - Google+: Though smaller in size (about 350 followers), Anchor’s Google+ page sees consistent engagement and has several regular contributors.
  • - Untappd: Anchor’s brewery page on Untappd has seen a spike in activity in the two months since the Anchor social profiles were launched, including over 3,000 check-ins in January alone.

A leading digital printing and production company serving the world’s best-known brands.


Objective: Implement SEO for an industry leader’s website that deserved more traffic, and overhaul PPC ads for maximum ROI and conversion tracking.

A worldwide leader in large-format printing had an extensive website full of unique content that wasn’t getting the natural search engine traffic it deserved. PPC ads also needed to be refined for optimal ROI and conversion tracking for the complex B2B sales process.


A market leader extends their offline reach to online reach.

PPC campaigns were completely revamped to improve click-through-rate while also driving down the cost-per-click. Conversion tracking was implemented on the site to align campaigns with online form completions, and phone call tracking was implemented to further align with the sales pipeline. Facebook ads were also started to increase social presence and Facebook reach.

On the SEO side, comprehensive keyword research was performed and keywords integrated throughout the entire website, from onpage copy to Title Tags. A corporate blog was started that also increased the amount of unique content on the site and harnessed even more long-tail traffic.

  • - Click-through-rate for PPC ads increased a whopping 842%
  • - A fledgling Facebook presence grew by over 1000% over the course of nine months, resulting in a more engaged user base and over 300,000 post views
  • - Non-branded organic traffic rose as much as 190% over the previous year, thanks to optimization efforts as well as the new corporate blog.
  • - Notable month-over-month increases in non-branded organic traffic that ranged from 33% to 50% more non-branded terms.
  • - Organic keyword positions leapt out of the top 100 into the top 10 and 30.

Chateau Montelena, legendary Napa Valley Winery that shocked the world


Objective: Create a search-friendly website to maximize visibility on branded terms.

Chateau Montelena changed the world of wine, as featured in the movie Bottle Shock about the rise of Napa wine. But their fame in wine circles was not equaled in search engine prominence. They needed to create search-friendly content behind flash elements, paired with site architecture and optimized content that dominated their online presence for branded keywords.


Flash can also be search-friendly.

Working together with FINE Design Group, we offered recommendations to help improve search engine indexation and visibility. From successfully degrading homepage flash elements and tweaking internal link anchor text, to improving page title tags and verifying XML sitemap submission, we helped move into top results for dozens of important branded terms that they previously had not been positioning on.

A global, industry-leading IT outsourcing company with delivery centers across the US, Europe, Asia, and South America


Objective: Work with client throughout a site redesign and beyond for improved SEO performance.

The corporate website was in the middle of a redesign, so SEO best practices needed to be baked into the site architecture from the beginning. We also needed to ensure that existing performance from previous SEO efforts were not lost (which can happen if a redesign isn’t handled correctly).


The numbers speak for themselves, with authority.

Comparing year-over-year numbers, the site experienced a 26.80% increase in organic traffic. This happened despite the temporary drop in performance that often occurs unless a redesign is handled with kid gloves.

SEO played a large component in the redesign, from implementing a more search-friendly URL structure to ensuring a smooth transformation to help engines discover (and rank) pages from the new site while removing pages from the old. We conducted targeted keyword research and optimized all main pages on the website, even down to press release archives. We also revamped link-building efforts to focus on mentions from high-quality, authoritative websites.

The nation’s leading online recreational vehicle retailer needed to beat the traffic


Objective: Overhaul existing SEO and PPC campaigns for vastly improved ROI and traffic.

The corporate website had already been extensively optimized, but we knew there was more we could do to extend natural SEO performance above and beyond. We needed to optimize for additional terms while not disrupting existing SEO efforts already in place. Past PPC efforts proved to be ineffective and costly with little ROI.


The numbers speak for themselves. Starting with #1 (in sales in the US for every brand they carry).

Comparing year-over-year numbers, the site experienced a 40.52% increase in organic traffic and a 30.08% increase in PPC traffic. The PPC results were especially striking considering that this increase was garnered with little-to-no increase in existing PPC spend. Cost-per-click decreased nearly 50%, while click-through-rates increased by over 2000%!

For natural SEO, we conducted extensive keyword research and aggressively optimized category pages as well as every single product description page. We also recommended key strategies to make the site architecture more search-friendly. On the PPC side, we revamped the entire account and ad group structure, from incorporating thousands of more brand-and-model specific keywords to a complete audit of all PPC landing pages.

Leading national retailer of home & garden supplies changes its online landscape


Objective: Increase online store revenue via paid search.

A well-established retailer of home & garden supplies sought to increase their presence online while also increasing their ever-growing e-commerce revenue. Having worked with various agencies, including an internal Google AdWords team, this company was looking to take their paid search efforts to the next level.


Complete Account Structure Overhaul and Strategy

By restructuring the account structure in their various search engine accounts, as well as a complete new strategy in terms of keywords and targeting methods, this client saw results that increased their PPC revenue by millions in just the first year. Revenue increased by over 53% and helped establish this company as the true market leader in their industry.

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