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Explain “keywords.”

Keywords are the building blocks of the SEO campaign. The foundation. Selecting the right keywords is, well, key (ahem) to a successful project.

Why do you need to research keywords?

What if we tried to optimize your site for keywords that didn’t convert, or completely forgot about other critical terms? Doing comprehensive keyword research means that your SEO project gets off to the right start, from the very beginning, by figuring out exactly what types of terms you want – and/or need – to be getting more traffic on.

keyword-research-tacticsBut what constitutes the “right” keywords?

We’re glad you asked. We put ourselves in your potential visitor’s shoes. This is when we’ll discuss your UVP (Unique Value Proposition) – what do you offer that no one else does? What makes you stand alone among your competitors? This crucial data helps us throughout the entire campaign, but at this stage we’re especially focused on isolating terms that best target YOU.

What are specific ways that you evaluate terms?
We use keyword research tools that tell us what the estimated search volume of a term is – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! When choosing a strategic keyword for your project, we’ll think about:

  • Search Volume: How many users search on this term each month? Are there seasonal variations?
  • Search Competition: How competitive is this term?
  • Search Landscape: What sorts of websites currently position for this term?
  • Current Traffic: What terms are you already performing strongly on in SEO or PPC?
  • Conversion Potential: How likely are searchers on this term to convert or take a desired action on your site?
  • Searcher Intent: What do we think is the true intent behind this term? Could it have multiple meanings/interpretations?
  • Your Website: Do you talk about this term on your website? If not, can we help work it into content somewhere?

I already know what people are looking for – why don’t you just use my list?
Chances are you’ve been thinking about this for a while. You’ll likely have an idea of what people are looking for. Maybe you already have a list of keywords. That’s great! That gives us a start – now it’s our job to refine the list. We’ll also take a look at your current analytics to identify the terms for which you’re already positioning. We’ll start off with a list of potentially thousands of candidates and whittle it down until we have our core list.

Wait – don’t I get a say in the matter?
Of course. You are the expert on your business. Once we’ve put a list together we’ll send it to you and talk it out, explain how the list came about. Though there will be similarities, our final group of terms will look a bit different than the list we started with – the one you supplied. We’ll let you know why this is. And we’re counting on you to let us know if we overlooked something important relating to what you do – it’s rare, but it happens.

(An aside, and this can be a tough one – don’t agonize over the list. We’ve done the heavy lifting; everything else is a matter of degrees. In addition, it’s not as though it’s set in stone, The One and Only True List to which you will be beholden for time immemorial. Businesses change – we get that. Our monthly service is open ended, and if we need to add to or subtract from the list, we definitely can.)

We have a list – now what?
Once you’ve given us the green light, we enter the terms into our position tracking tool, benchmark your current positions, and get to work. Not to imply we haven’t been working. We get to more work, maybe. Different work.

You know what we’re talking about.

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