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Why does my site need links?

Search engines view each incoming link as a “vote” for your site. High-quality incoming links are needed to help your site gain authority and trust. Authority and trust (aka links) will help you position higher in your keywords.

Look at it this way – if a search engine sees that you have very few incoming links, that could mean no one thinks your site is very interesting. Search engines like to show the most popular and important sites.

Really? So search engines look at my incoming links?

Yup. Your incoming links are a huge ranking factor. Quality is also much more important than quantity. Simply put, when a site links to your site there’s usually a reason – that site owner really likes what your site has to offer, or your site fits into a vertical directory used by people looking for your products or services. The more authority that site or directory has, determined in part by how many incoming links they have, the more equity the incoming link passes on to your site.

ethical link buildingSo how do you get these links?

Research and more research. We’ll investigate the landscape of the web occupied by folks in your industry. We’ll take a close look at the links you already have coming in and see what we can do to capitalize on them. We’ll see who’s linking to sites that position high for the keywords you want to be found on. And more.

Then, we try to cultivate relationships with websites that could link back to you, similar to a public relations effort. More often than not, this means personally reaching out to webmasters on your behalf.

A critical component is asking “Why Would Someone Want to Link to Me?” This means, before anything else, that your site needs compelling and original content that attracts links on its own. Big Daylight can help strategize on ideas for new content, from white papers and thought leadership, to buzz-worthy promotions and contests, to infographics and more.

Can’t I just buy links, or get a bunch from some network?

Google in particular has taken steps to discount the amount of equity, or “link juice,” a paid link can deliver to your site. The same goes for networks of sites that engage in sneaky schemes to get more inlinks. Which makes sense – if someone could get better positions by just buying or manipulating links, the worst site on the web could buy its way into the top spot. Not cool.

Our SEO firm only seeks out legitimate, ethical linking opportunities relevant to your industry and service offerings.

How many links will you get me? How soon?

We’re not going to blow smoke, here – link building can be a slow process, especially if you’re focused on quality over quantity. We’d rather spend time to get one great link, one that’s going to deliver equity and customers to your site, than quickly get a hundred useless links that do nothing but look good on paper. Link building involves a lot of research and, if you’re going to do it right (and we are), a lot of waiting. We’re not going to promise you any number of links in a certain amount of time. We will promise, however, that the links we go for will make sense, raise your link equity, and bring customers to your site.

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  1. Do you still charge for the time if you are unable to get links?

    Posted by Jake Belfry, July 10, 2012 Reply

    • Hi Jake,

      Content needs to be deserving of links in the first place. We definitely don’t want our clients to be in a position where their website content isn’t something users want to link to. If this is the case, then maybe the client needs help more with content generation, branding, and/or web design, as opposed to link building. Our philosophy is that good links must work together with superb content and PR/outreach strategies. Hope that makes sense.

      Posted by Sarah, July 10, 2012

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