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Big Daylight offers a better approach to ongoing search engine optimization, that’s different from what many other internet marketing firms provide.

Why does SEO take so long to implement?

Because search engine algorithms are complex, and tweaking your website to be search-engine friendly is also complex. We’re looking at every page on your site, figuring out what needs to change, and then changing it. That’s a lot of work! Read our separate post here on Why SEO Is Not A One-Time Effort.

Why do I need additional build-out each month?

If we only did a short-term build-out, you could be leaving a lot of money and search engine traffic on the table. SEO requires ongoing tweaking, testing and patience. It takes a series of small changes, over time, before we reach the tipping point to higher positions and traffic.

Give one example why your monthly build-out is different than other agencies?

At other (less ethical) SEO firms, Monthly Support can mean that your agency shoots you over a traffic and keyword report, but the specifics of the actual SEO work you’re paying for is unclear.

At Big Daylight, we do more than fancy reports. We perform active, hands-on work each month. What’s more, we talk to you about it and help you measure the results and ROI.

And another example?

Our approach is holistic. What we do each month is different for every client, based on their needs. There’s no cookie cutter formula. Everything is customized to you and your website performance.

And another example?

Our holistic approach won’t nickel and dime you for “additional services”. We won’t charge you $100 for every extra title tag we write, or $800 for custom YouTube recommendations. We won’t require you to engage in a separate Social Media contract if you just want a few Facebook tips.

We’ve seen some SEO companies take approaches like this, and the problem is that when you make things too expensive, you actually impair your ability to help your own clients.

Wait. You have ANOTHER example?

Yes we do! It has to do with responsiveness and level of support. We don’t shuttle clients off to interns or recent hires with only a few months of experience under their belt. We don’t have high agency turnover. Our smaller size and boutique approach means you get direct, meaningful involvement and support.

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