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Why is website copy important?

Because your copy contains the keywords you want to be found on. Search engines evaluate websites based on whether keywords in your content match keywords someone is searching on. So if you don’t talk about the terms people are searching on, you don’t have much chance of getting found.

seo-copywriting-keywordsBut I’ve already got tons of copy! So I’m good, right?

Not necessarily. Just because you have a lot of content on your site already doesn’t mean it’s been optimized to perform its best.

For example, do you want to position on terms with “hotel” on them, but have discovered that your website only uses the word “inn”? We’d suggest where you could delicately work in instances of “hotel” as well as “inn”, and maybe “bed and breakfast”, or “resort”, plus other variations you probably never even considered until now.

What we’ll learn is that how you talk about your own business is often very different from how people might be searching for your business online. Successful SEO copywriting seeks to find a common ground between the two.

Oh NO. It sounds like you’re just going to stuff my copy with keywords.

We won’t, we’d never, and nor have we ever. Such tactics are anathema to our holistic approach. We firmly believe that keyword integration should not come at the expense of the user experience or your core brand messaging. Instead, we’ll help you incorporate keywords in the most subtle, graceful way possible.

You’ll help me integrate keywords? How?

The first place we start is with your website Title Tags and Meta Description Tags. We hand-write these tags, one-by-one, for all of the most important pages on your site.

Your actual website text and copy is next. Going page-by-page through your site, we’ll present an outline of your current text, suggesting where and how keywords can be integrated for maximum SEO benefit.

Finally, our content strategy also involves thinking about adding NEW pages to your website, that could target areas and searches in ways that your current site doesn’t have the current capability to do – and therefore needs to add new content around.

I’m a great writer. I can just integrate terms on my own – I doubt I need your help.

It’s both an art and a science to keep track of a list of terms and know exactly where and how to integrate them. It’s complex. It involves spreadsheets. It involves keeping serious, serious track of where keywords are being targeted throughout your entire site. So instead, let yourself focus on creativity and messaging: we’ll worry about the keywords.

You keep talking about keywords and keyword integration. Doesn’t the quality of my copy and content matter too?

We’re glad you asked! It’s very important that you have high-quality, unique content that’s worthy of higher search engine results in the first place. If you aren’t starting there, then you might not need SEO – what you might need is a better website and interactive design agency to help you.

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