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What exactly IS a Website Architecture Analysis?

One of the first things we’ll do in your SEO project is analyze your existing website architecture in terms of how search-engine friendly it is. Or isn’t. Working together with you, we’ll help you understand and implement the recommendations that our analysis uncovers.

Why is my website architecture important?

It’s very important to ensure that search engines can read and understand the content on your website. If your website linking structure confuses spiders or has invisible content, it can affect search engine results. If you design your site with strategic SEO tactics in mind, you can help improve relevance for greater traffic and visibility.

seo-auditMy site seems friendly enough to me – why isn’t it search engine friendly?

Not to assign them personhood, but search engines are finicky. They’re getting better at seeing sites how we see them, but they’re still not human. There are a number of things that could prevent the search engines from seeing how great your site really is – our job is to identify those issues, present a “best of all possible worlds” list of suggestions, then work with you to address as many as we can.

If I can’t see what’s wrong, how can you?

Much like your mechanic knows exactly what that weird “RRRRRRRR” sound is, after years in the business there are a lot of things we can spot from a mile away. But we don’t leave it all up to experience and intuition. We have tools, and we know how to use them. We’ll crawl through your site just like a spider would. We’ll see if there’s weird stuff showing up in analytics. We’ll search through the engines to see if they’re picking up strange pages. If something’s wrong, we’ll find out why, and we’ll let you know about it.

What do I get?

We’ll detail everything we find in a deliverable document called your Site Architecture Analysis. In it you’ll find a list of hurdles your site is throwing in front of the search engines, why they’re a problem, and what we suggest be done to fix them.

Dang, that seems like a lot of work.

Well, honestly, depending on how much we find, it can be. We never said this was gonna be a cakewalk. In many cases, though, a few simple tweaks can deliver great improvements in indexability (how easy it is for search engines to find and index your content). We’ll review it with you and your team point by point, answering any questions you may have. We’ll also help you and your IT team prioritize so your site gets the most impact for the fewest precious minutes in the shop.

What if FINE’s designing my site already?

Well, then you’re awfully darn lucky, my friend. Not only does FINE do killer website design, but Big Daylight is, for all intents and purposes, its online marketing arm. We’ll get in there from the ground floor and, working as a cohesive team, ensure that the completed site is a veritable spider playground.

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