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5 Local Search Tips For Busy Business Owners

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I see a wonderful chiropractor here in Traverse City – Big Beautiful Life. The owner, Jena, has tons of time to help patients with their health problems – but not much time to worry about marketing stuff in the meantime. When she asked me recently how she could market her business online, my first instinct […]

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Google Places’ Failure to Communicate

Topics: Local Search

Miriam Ellis posted a great article in SEOMoz’s blog on Sunday, March 25th about how a little-understood and practically hidden rule in Google Places’ guidelines could result in a service business losing their ranking. Seriously, if you run a business for which you travel to client locations rather than having clients come to your address, […]


The OBVIOUS Way to Get Hospitality Reviews

Topics: Local Search

So you own a restaurant, a hotel, or a winery. It must sound like a broken record when people – especially those pesky local SEO consultants – offer up the old gem: “If you want reviews, you need to ask for them.” Well, duh. That’s obvious. OR IS IT? Well – there’s nothing like a […]


10 Things You Should Be Doing In Local Search

Topics: Local Search

Did you know that more than 20 percent of searches on Google are related to location? From Google HotPot to Places, it seems like every day there is something new going on in local search.  Or someone getting arrested.  It’s all I can do to keep track of it – but keep track of it […]


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