SMX Advanced Seattle 2010 – Reflections on 3 Amazing Days

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From the overflowing session on Site Architecture for the Advanced SEO (we sat on the floor) to having our views validated that you are throwing money away if you aren’t on Facebook, so much has already been written about SMX Advanced across the blogosphere that Nick and I decided that we’d write a slightly different perspective.

Did we learn a lot? YES. Did we come back with oodles of insights we can’t wait to share with our customers? YES. But you know what our favorite part was? It was experiencing the simple thrill being part of such a dynamic and exciting young industry. As we bounced from session to session, we saw the best and brightest minds in online marketing marching to and fro, tweeting their opinions, furiously jotting notes, gorging on the breakfast bar, and (though no one ever wants to admit this) basically hanging on Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts’ every word. Sure, some people may roll their eyes and say, “Oh yeah, just another industry conference.” At Big Daylight, we promise you: we will never become this jaded. And SMX Advanced isn’t just another industry conference.

During our time in Seattle, we were lucky enough to a fabulous dinner with Sarah’s extended family (many of whom live in Seattle), who served us some fantastic grilled Copper River Salmon. We also had a surreal Thai food experience in a deserted, run-down area where we later learned a shooting had occurred a few days earlier. (This explained the absence of people. Nice going, Yelp. ) We’d also like to seriously recommend Etta’s for some of the best seafood we’ve ever had. (Besides Aunt Teresa.)

Um. In case you didn’t notice, we really like to eat.

Although our time in Seattle was limited, we also enjoyed exploring Pike Place Market and other downtown locales – as well as the fabulous view of Mount Ranier from the deck of the Bell Harbor Convention Center.

Of course, our summary would be nowhere near complete without mentioning all the wonderful people we met during our time there. While we can’t begin to list all the creative minds we connected with, there are definitely a few that stick out. Danny Dover from SEOMoz was one of the first people to just flat-out come over and start talking to us – and boy are we glad he did. Jeremy Dearringer from SlingshotSEO is a total genius, and we also can’t say enough about the SEO (and pest-fighting) prowess of Thomas Balalntyne. BMI is super lucky to have a brainiac like Amrit Gill on their side, and eBay – where do we start with all the cool people like Sander Kolderman and Oleg Bulken that you have working for you? (Note: this paragraph could easily balloon to several more pages but we need to cut this list off now.)

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