Google’s New Keyword Tool Problem #1: Exporting Data is Impossible

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Last Friday morning I planned to do some keyword research with my old standby: the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. I merrily went off to this bookmarked page below:

Only to find that it now redirected to their new and improved Keyword Tool. Merde!

We all know that the old Google AdWords Tool had its fair share of issues. Skewed search volumes from the content network were probably the worst. You could always use Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool instead, but don’t get me started on inconsistencies I’d also see there.

But why the focus on Google? You could also use the exhilarating variety of other keywords tools that exist out there: WordStream, Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, and others.

I’ve used them all, I’ve used them together, I’ve even tried combining their search volumes. I’ve been doing keyword research for years, but I’ve got a dirty little secret: Google’s old Adwords Tool [was] my favorite.

I’ve also got another dirty little secret that most SEOs won’t want to tell you: all keyword research tools suck. Including Google. You can’t really count on the search volumes. Especially when isolating potential terms for Natural Search, you need to use your head, and take much more into account than some dubious, estimated number of searches.

The old Google Adwords Keyword Tool was my favorite because of the interface. I had my whole system down – a proprietary one, mind you, with my weird little ways of exporting and organizing data. I used other tools too as well, but – I admit it – I was pretty dependent on Google.

So then Friday morning rolled around, and with it, the end of keyword research as I knew it. As you can see, Google’s new tool makes it impossible to quickly export data:

1. Yay! I have two terms I want to export into a spreadsheet:

2. Okay. Another pop-up download screen:

3. Huh? Several minutes? This is just taking too long, especially for only two rows of data…

4. Why is it making me unzip a file now??

5. Great. Yet ANOTHER click to open up this dang spreadsheet.

6. Okay. Finally I have this spreadsheet open. Whew.


  • Exporting data with the new AdWords Tool takes way too long.
  • There’s also NO DATA to export in the first place.

Yes, unfortunately my rant doesn’t end here. Please read on to my second post: “Google’s New Keyword Tool Problem #2: There’s No Data To Export Anyway”.

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