Analytics Consulting

Analytics isn’t just about hits, it’s about measuring ROI – and Big Daylight is an expert in helping you achieve your maximum ROI.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

– Tami Dailey

Google Analytics Qualified Individual

Behind every SEO, PPC and Social Media campaign is the foundation that provides the measureable results. Analytics is a crucial component in every step we take to optimize your websites, raise your conversion rates and create higher ROI.

Setup and Configure

(Do it Right From Day One)

Without proper setup and configuration of your analytics tools, your data is kinda worthless. But install and configure properly on day one, and you won’t waste time on troubleshooting tracking issues. We think you’ll agree that time is better spent converting traffic into buying customers.


(So You Know For Sure It’s Working)

Big Daylight helps you identify core metrics, and design effective reports, so that you get a clear understanding of how people find and interact with your website. We evaluate SEO efforts, manage and optimize paid search campaigns, leverage social media marketing and identify problems with your online sales process. By developing strategic KPIs, Big Daylight helps you measure the success of your online marketing efforts.


(Making Use of All Those Numbers)

All the data in the world (and we love data) is valueless if it remains un-analyzed. With Big Daylight, you’ll never feel like yelling “But what does that MEAN?!” We don’t just give you numbers, we give you insight into what strategies are, or are not, working.


(Highlight the Problem, Describe the Solution)

Numbers aren’t analytics, and analytics (by themselves) are not answers. Analytics highlight problems. The trick (and this is where Big Daylight’s expertise comes in handy) is to frame the problem highlighted by the analytics, and come up with a creative solution for it. We use A/B testing, multivariate testing, qualitative testing and more to determine a solid and scientific solution to your website problems.

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