Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

It’s all about conversions, getting your audience to go for it, but most companies are throwing away money advertising in this space using the wrong, or no, strategy. Paid Search Marketing, or Pay-Per-Click Marketing is one of the most popular but least-understood online marketing methods. Fortunately, Big Daylight excels at strategizing and managing PPC accounts.

“The Internet is really about specialized information, specialized targeting.”

- Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

Our Google AdWords Certified Professionals provide ROI-driven results, and we’ve got the happy clients to prove it. Our strategic relationships with search engines allow us to strategize and deploy a paid search campaign quickly.

Keyword Research

(These Days, The Fish Bait Themselves)

Packing keywords into a campaign sardine-style might seem like the right move, but what works for canned fish doesn’t really work for online marketing. Campaigns should use carefully selected, optimized keywords. At Big Daylight we bring our years of management consulting experience to bear, helping you strategically choose the most relevant and cost-effective keywords and phrases.

PPC Ad Creation

(The Haiku of Online Marketing)

PPC ads are the haiku of our industry – 70 words or less, and they have to be the right words. Big Daylight helps clients create compelling, effective call-to-action ads that result in more clicks and more conversions for your site. And we’re perfectionists, so we continually test and retest your ads to ensure optimal conversion levels.

Ad & Landing Page Alignment

(A Frustrated Buyer is Not a Buyer)

It doesn’t take much to turn a willing buyer into an annoyed “see you later.” The last thing you want to do is invite a client to click on your carefully crafted ad only to have them land on an irrelevant page. Big Daylight’s expert consultants make sure the keywords, the ad copy and the landing page all work in unison.

Improving Quality Score

(Something You Can’t Ignore)

A “Quality Score” is what search engines like Google use to determine where your ad gets placed, as well as how much you pay for that click. The more relevant your keywords, ads and landing pages are, and the better click-through-rate you achieve, the higher your quality score will be. Higher scores = lower costs compared to your competitor. It’s a little like building a credit rating with the search engines. We make sure you’re reaching your maximum rating.

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