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Traverse City Snow Pile

Traverse City snow piles - as tall as buildings!

Greetings from Northern Michigan! Traverse City was spared from snowpocalypse 2011 that hit much of the rest of the Midwest. Sadly, we only received about 5-6 inches, which is just another February day in Traverse City.

Say perhaps however, that you were in stuck in the middle of all this snow and spent countless hours in your driveway managing mounds of snow. Oh no! You completely forgot about your AdWords account and it’s been spending like crazy while you got a great workout outside.

Ok, so more realistically, if you spend a great amount of time in your Google AdWords account, you probably check compulsively throughout the day to make sure that your budget is staying in tune with your overall spending strategy. Perhaps as Google stated in their blog, you “stay awake at night wondering where your bids are” or “you plan your vacations around fluctuations in click volume.”

Third party PPC bid management tools have long offered features such as automated bid rules that help you manage your account around the clock without having to be glued to your computer all day long.

AdWords Automated Rules

AdWords Automated Rules

Recently, Google announced a feature that I think has been long overdue that will allow advertisers to manage their accounts based on some rules based on specific criteria specified by the advertiser. Called AdWords Automated Rules, advertisers will be able to create rules that can change daily budgets, pause campaigns, and enable campaigns all based on what the advertiser specifies. Advertisers will also be able to create rules for keywords, ads and ad groups.

Perhaps at 5 PM you want to stop bidding on keywords that are getting less than 1% click through rate, spent more than $50 and had an average position less than 3. Google has stated that this feature will be rolled out to all US advertisers gradually, though no specific time frame has been given.

We think this will be a great feature, and will only improve as Google adds more functionality. We’d like to see the ability to manage these through their desktop editor, but we’ll take it for now!

For more information, watch the official Google video announcement below:

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