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Google just released the latest version of their incredibly useful AdWords desktop tool, AdWords Editor 8.0.1 for both Windows and Mac.

Some of the notable features in the newest release:

  • Support now for local extentions
  • Support for AdWords API Features
  • Adding MCC accounts
  • More helpful error message (THANK YOU GOOGLE)
  • Simplified ad scheduling

We have to give some love to Google here and for their continued effort to make the Google Desktop Editor user friendly. When it first came out over four years ago, it was barely usable. Fast forward to today, and we can’t even imagine going a single day managing our client accounts without it!

If you manage any Google AdWords campaigns, this is an absolute must! This free tool from Google will literally save you hours upon hours, and make redundant tasks easy to streamline. The small download is easy to install and you can be accessing and making edits to your AdWords accounts in minutes.

In addition to being a great utility for your Google AdWords accounts, did you know that it can also save you tons of time with your Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! PPC accounts? By creating your account first in Google, you now have a perfect tool to export to both Yahoo! And Bing formats. Both Yahoo! And Bing allow you to import your Google AdWords account (via a csv file) to create your Yahoo! Or Bing account structure.

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