Using Google’s AdWords Ad Preview Tool: Part 2

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As we covered in our article “Using Google’s AdWords Ad Preview Tool”, the Google AdWords Preview Tool is a great way to view which ads are being displayed based on a specific geographic region. While Google does provide you with some pre-defined geographic areas to choose from, what if your city isn’t listed? With the help of Google Maps, you can easily get your specific longitude and latitude coordinates and also enter them as a geographic location preference.

Here’s how to do that:

Let’s say I want to see which ads are being served up for the term “rentals cars” in Ann Arbor Michigan. Ann Arbor is not listed under Michigan as a predefined geographic region to choose from.

First, go to Google Maps and search for Ann Arbor.

Next right click at any point on the map and select “What’s here?”

Once you’ve done that, Google will display the coordinates in the search field.

Take those coordinates and enter them in the Ad Preview Tool along with your search query. Voila!

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