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If you’re an active Twitter user, and frankly, even if you’re not, you’re probably aware of the impact that Twitter has had on the way that news is discovered, released, reported, and shared.

From large-scale social revolutions of national and international relevance to an issue of concern in your own neighborhood, the immediacy of Twitter and the ease at which information spreads virally has given individuals a voice – in some cases turning one person in to a first-hand news source – while forcing more ‘traditional’ news organizations (TV, radio, newspapers) to adapt on the fly.

The NBC affiliate for northern Michigan, WPBN TV 7&4 (on Twitter at @upnorthlive), is making an effort to grow its online audience by getting its news anchors more involved in social media, specifically Twitter. On Monday, WPBN’s Vice President of News, Pat Livingston, invited me up to the station along with fellow online marketer, Erin Monigold, for an interview during the 5 pm newscast to talk about TC Tweetup, a networking group that Erin founded in northwest Michigan to facilitate in-person connections between social media users via tweet-ups and other events.

We also discussed social media’s role in news and the many ways it can be used by individuals and businesses. Monday’s interview was a preview of a fun project we’re working on today with WPBN’s news department.

I’ll be returning to the 7&4 News studio this evening, joined by Erin and two other members of the northern Michigan social media community, Brandy Wheeler and Joel Gaff, to live-tweet the 5 pm and 6 pm newscasts. We’ll be sharing our thoughts on the stories of the day via our Twitter accounts as they’re presented in the newscasts, and will also be interviewed during both shows about how Twitter, and social media in general, has changed the way we share information.

If you live in northern Michigan, I hope you’ll tune in to the 5 and 6 pm newscasts and chime in with your thoughts on Twitter. We’ll be using the #upnorthlive hash tag during the shows if you’d like to follow along.

We would also like to hear your opinion on Twitter’s impact on news. Do you think the immediacy and global impact of social media has had a positive effect on the way we access information? Do you interact with news organizations – whether local or national – online? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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