Keep Facebook Timeline Images Under 100K

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A brief public service social media announcement from FINE Traverse City: Your Facebook Timeline Images should be under 100K.

There’s not a lot of talk about this online anywhere. You can visit pages like to see what the basic image dimensions should be, but you won’t find much about image file size in terms of kilobytes.

Why is this important? Because if your file is larger than 100K, Facebook will reinterpolate the image. I’m not actually sure if reinterpolate is a real word. Hwever, it seems like the perfect infuriatingly inaccurate term to describe the experience of uploading a gorgeous high-resolution file to Facebook, only to have it smushed into timeline mush because it’s too big.


I had a friend who recently searched for hours trying to figure out why his Facebook Timeline Image for the Dragon Wagon wasn’t working. It was the correct “size” in terms of dimensions, but it was way larger than 100 kilobytes. So every time he tried to upload it, it resulted in a blurry, messy image because it was just too large.

So now we know. Keep your Facebook Timeline Images under 100K so they load as clearly and cleanly as possible! There’s a lot more to the “size” of any image file than just the dimensions in pixels.

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