Picture This: A Stand-Alone Camera App for Facebook

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When Facebook acquired Instagram last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he was “committed to building and growing Instagram independently.” Zuck and his team may choose to do so, but the motivation behind the acquisition came into focus last week when Facebook released a stand-alone camera app for iOS with many of the same features as Instagram.

I downloaded the app recently and gave it a quick test. There are subtle differences, but Facebook Camera is essentially Instagram for Facebook photos.

Upon opening, the app populates with the photos currently on your device for easy sharing. Thumbnails of your most recent images are displayed at the top. Below the thumbnails, a feed of Facebook photos can be sorted to display the photos from your own Facebook profile or photos shared by friends.

Clicking the camera icon opens your device’s camera. As with Instagram, you have the option of sharing an existing photo or capturing a new image within the app.

After you’ve captured your image, icons for cropping or adding effects appear in the lower toolbar. Tagging friends (not available with Instagram) can be done easily by tapping inside the image.

Facebook Camera offers filters similar to those in the Instagram app, but uses different names and effects like “Cool,” “Coffee,” and “Boost.” When your image is cropped and you’ve selected a filter, click the “share” icon in the lower right corner.

Now add a caption to your photo and post it to your profile, or click the “+” icon to add another photo.

Pros: One notable difference between Facebook Camera and Instagram is the ability to tag friends in your photos. The option to upload multiple images is also convenient.

Cons: Unlike Instagram, which allows posting to multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, and email), uploading in Facebook Camera is limited to strictly to Facebook.

If you’ve used Instagram, Facebook Camera will be very familiar. What do you think? Will you use it to upload photos to Facebook, or do you prefer Instagram? Let us know in the comments.

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