The Death of Google Reader

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If you’ve not heard by now (and I’m pretty sure you have), Google is going to kill Google Reader on July 1, 2013. Kill it. Dead.

DeathAs someone who allowed himself to rely on the service, that news is a giant drag; however, it’s not entirely surprising. Google supports a ton of free products – you can’t sustain that indefinitely. But, of all the services very few people used, why is Google Reader on the chopping block, and what does that say for RSS in general?

Back in the day (which, in SEO terms, means 5 years ago, max) we used to recommend that anyone who created content on a regular basic via a blog, etc., enable RSS. It made no sense not to. Not only would that help increase your potential scope of publication, but there were possible search benefits as well. RSS was a no-brainer, and, in its limited fashion, one of the first steps toward social sharing. So what happened?

Twitter happened.

Do you need a service that instantly populates your inbox or aggregator with headlines and content you may want to read when you have another service that populates your feed with headlines for content that’s been cherry-picked by people you chose to follow?


So, does the death of Google Reader herald the death of RSS? Well, maybe, maybe not, but it’s definitely a statement supporting RSS’s immanent demise.

Another takeaway – don’t get too attached to anything Google gives you for free. But that’s another story.

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